SYB is run by a free-lance director and a large group of volunteers. The programming committee (PC, formerly ARTclub) of Kunsthuis SYB, together with the general manager, forms the artistic core of the organization. The PC consists of four to six young artists, curators and art theoreticians, who get the chance to develop as a curator within SYB. The members of the SYB Writer’s Programme are also young professionals. SYB’s employees come from all over the Netherlands and sometimes from abroad. A group of volunteers in Beetsterzwaag takes care of the practical support of the residency.

Managing Director
Josine Sibum Siderius

Mechteld van der Loo (Beetsterzwaag)

Board Syb Foundation
Irene Kromhout, chair – Project manager Exhibitions Fries Museum & Keramiekmuseum Princessehof (lives in Groningen)
Wytske Visser, secretary – Program maker Visual art and culture de Brakke Grond (lives in Amsterdam)
Remco Torenbosch, board member – Artist (lives in Amsterdam)
Treasurer: vacancy

Programming committee
Niels Bekkema – visual artist and writer (Rotterdam / Groningen)
Manus Groenen – art historian and art educator (Rotterdam / Tilburg / Utrecht)
Sara Bjarland – visual artist (Amsterdam)

Writer’s program 2018

Documentation and design: Maarten van Maanen – graphic designer (Amsterdam)
Press releases and hall texts: Aafke Weller – visual artist, writer and restorer (Amsterdam)
Translations English: Jenny Wilson – visual artist and translator (Groningen)
Sanne Lauriks
Sarah Mei Herman
Frisian: Eduard Knotter – Frisian linguist, formerly Af√Ľk (Beetsterzwaag)

Property management & practical support
Jan Harmsma – former councilor of the municipality of Opsterland (Beetsterzwaag)
Durk Schroor – entrepreneur and house man (Beetsterzwaag)
Annemarie van Veen – visual artist (Beetsterzwaag)
Lutske van Veen – haptonoom (Beetsterzwaag)

Honorary members and advisers
Chris Hellinga – founder, former board member / project development / research consultant Delft Energy Initiative, TU Delft (Delft)
Emmie Muller – founder, former coordinator, ART club member, board member / visual artist (Groningen)
Anja Swint – founder, former coordinator, ART club member, board member / visual artist (Groningen)