With its Writersprogram SYB offers young artcritics and authors the opportunity to write and to publish on a regular basis .

Writersprogram 2017-2018

– Alix de Massiac (1991) is a writer, critic and curator with a background in Art history and Theatre studies. She writes regularly for individual artists, institutions and magazines including Metsopolis M, the Rijksakademie and Stroom. In 2014, together with Vincent van Velsen, she won the second edition of the curators’ prize of the Corporate Collections Association of The Netherlands (VBCN).

– Menno Vuister (1988) is art- and culture-critic. He studied art history at the University of Utrecht and obtained a research-MA in Cultural Analysis at the University of Amsterdam. Currently, he works as gallery manager at Gerhard Hofland Gallery, and as independent researcher and writer.

– Angharad Williams (1984) is an artist that was born in Bangor, Wales in 1984 and currently lives in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Forthcoming projects in 2017 include a group exhibition at Futura, Prague and participation in a performance and reading project at Cubitt, London. Some writing and broadcast readings can be found at Radiophrenia, Glasgow; I have witnessed first time experiences, PZI, ed. Connie Butler; War Crimes, BUS Editions; Issue 8 The Chapess Zine, Issue 9 HARD MAG and Issue 3 Le Roy Magazine.

Ananda Serné (1988) is a visual artist and prose writer. She gained an MA in Fine Arts at the Art school of Reykjavík. Amongst others her short stories were published on The Internet Guide and De Fusie.

– Céline Mathieu(1989)is an artist, writer, and performer based in Antwerp, Belgium. Her work investigates minds, selves and 21st-century artifacts. It mainly takes the shape of prose, objects, essays and performances. 

As CMMC, Céline has been collaborating with Myrthe van der Mark on physical and linguistic performances since 2014. Céline also works on the editorial design of publications with Christophe Clarijs under the name of Fellow Beings. She is a participant of Kunsthuis SYB’s writing program and is supported by STRTkit. She has a Master of Art in Graphic Design and a Master of Research in Art and Design.

– Arianne Kamsteeg (1989) has a so-called ’mixed practice’ in the Dutch contemporary art world. She produces exhibitions, is the coordinator of the new platform The Hague Contemporary and is gallery manager at Dürst Britt and Mayhew. With a completed Master in Comparative Arts and Media her intrinsic preferences are just as diverse.

Agnes Winter  is an art historian and art critic. She is currently enrolled in the Research Master Art History at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, specializing in Curatorial Studies. During her studies she has done extensive research on the functioning and importance of small art initiatives. She has a.o. worked with de Zaak Nu on a large scale research project, resulting in the publication of ‘Nu is het Zaak’.  In addition she works for the on- and offline art magazine Tubelight as web editor.
Next to her commitment to the Programming Commission, she is also part of the Writers Programme of Kunsthuis SYB.

Writersprogram 2015-2016
– Marian Cousijn
– Docus van der Made
– Julia Steenhuisen
– Judith Spijksma
– Anne Marijn Voorhorst
– Agnes Winter