24 September 2016


screening The One Minutes

Barbara Marcel, untitled, 2015 (© the artist, courtesy by The One Minutes.)

On Saturday 24 September at 17:00h, as an extension of Helen Dowling’s final presentation of her residential period at Kunsthuis SYB there will be a screening of three The One Minutes Series: -we do the voodoo, initiated by Helen Dowling –Communication with the non-human, curated by Melanie Bonajo –Making Hybrids, curated by Janis Rafa Helen […]

1 August till 25 September 2016


Residency Helen Dowling

A school of tropical fish. Shooting nervously past each other, guided by the sound of a crackling fire. Then three cheerful twenty-somethings snorkeling in a bright pink ocean. In between a shot of the water’s surface taken from the cool depths, behind it the blazing sun, to a soundtrack of sharp shrieking cicadas. Helen Dowling’s The Burning […]

1 till 3 July 2016

The Treasure of Opsterland

Interview by Agnes Winter

On Saturday 2 July 2016, a unique local product – Wild Treasure (Beastige Skat) – was unveiled at Kunsthuis SYB in Beetsterzwaag (Friesland, The Netherlands). Wild Treasure is a little silver case shaped like a Frisian forest bean, inscribed with a message and enswathed in a soft moleskin pouch. It was conceived and created in […]

15 June till 27 July 2016


Residency Henrike Naumann

GABBER NATION Opening Exhibition 23 july 2016 3pm – open end Exhibition 24 july – 27 july 2016 Henrike Naumann The collective project GABBER NATION focuses on gabber culture in Friesland and on the specifics of sub-culture in the rural area. While the Heipalen sound inspired the industrial gabber bass drum of Rotterdam, the village […]

1 May till 12 June 2016


Residency Jason Hendrik Hansma

Before you, on the ground, lies a thing. Before me, on the ground, lies the same thing. We see, feel and think differently when we look at this thing, but we are in agreement that it’s there: in and for itself. In the interaction with that thing that lies before our feet, we discover something […]

13 March till 15 May 2016


Exhibition John Kørner

Tot en met 15 maart toont Museum Bevédère een selectie van de schilderijen die de toonaangevende Deense kunstenaar John Kørner maakte tijdens zijn artist in residenceverblijf in Kunsthuis SYB. Kørner (1967) woont en werkt te Kopenhagen en exposeert internationaal.

13 February till 20 March 2016


Residency Rachel Sellem, Maaike Knibbe

We touch objects on a daily basis: cups, cutlery, plates, a mouse to control our computer, bottles of shampoo and soap, tools, chairs, couches, tables. We touch these objects because their functions invite us to. We drink coffee from the same cups everyday, sit at the same table, and everyday we open and close the […]

10 till 14 February 2016


Exhibition Art Rotterdam Intersections 2016

There is no haggling over the price of an artwork at the art fair. What you do see is hands that shake each other enthusiastically, hands that pat people on the back and hands that casually rest on a shoulder during a kiss. And every now and then you might spot a firm handshake that […]

19 December 2015 till 30 January 2016


Residency Riet Wijnen

“I recently received the news that Mr John Ravenswood, who lived on the island of Quelpart, had passed away,” writes J.J. Slauerhoff in the preface of Ravenswood’s collection of poems East Asia. The author, Slauerhoff continues, deserted a whaling ship and ended up on an island in the Strait of Korea. Afraid people would discover […]

26 October till 5 December 2015


Residency Toon Fibbe, Laura Wiedijk

  In the parallel, digital universe of the internet, there is a subculture of people who deep down identify themselves not as human, but as an animal or mystical being. They carry the soul, for example, of a wolf, a fox, a cat, a fairy, a vampire, an angel or a demon. They mostly meet […]

15 September till 21 October 2015

In foreign parts

Review by Julia Steenhuisen

John Kørner and I are looking at one of his paintings. Floating above a vast horizon we see a man walking; he carries a bundled-up body over his shoulder. Next we look at a seascape with an enlarged sneaker floating on the surface. They are allusions to the refugee crisis. On the next canvas we […]

10 till 13 September 2015


de 1e Triënnale van Beetsterzwaag

At the end of the summer, Kunsthuis SYB presents the first edition of a festival for visual art that will take place every three years: the Triennial of Beetsterzwaag. For four days at ten historical locations, you can see art, live performances, participate in activities, listen to lectures and music, meet artists, walk, and sample […]

3 August till 13 September 2015


Residency Rieke Vos, Kasper Jacobs, Ilke Gers, Frank Koolen, Eric Giraudet de Boudemange

The end of July is in sight as the tour madness slowly reaches its peak. Like flies the sponsors, doping control, cycling press and podium girls circle around the sweaty cyclists. In close pursuit are the spectators. Sport unites. But the extensive professionalisation, commercialisation en globalisation of big events, like the Tour de France, almost […]

26 July till 2 August 2015


NOON & AIN , Noa Giniger, Anat Spiegel

Visual artists Noa Giniger and musician Anat Spiegel (aka. Noon & Ain) create poems from cutouts of their own Gmail chats and WhatsApp correspondence; functional communication turns into pure poetry. In their texts, video works and audio recordings the duo explores different feminine and existential topics through a personal, friendship- based dialogue. Noon & Ain originated in Kunsthuis […]

28 till 28 June 2015


Review by Anne Marijn Voorhorst

CROSS SECTION OF A LANDSCAPE #2 – Yeb Wiersma & Miek Zwamborn Dressed in shorts we lift our legs, clay sticking to our feet, from the soles up to the calves. I cannot hear anyone talking, the wind on the mudflats has free rein and sweeps into all ears. Never before have I seen such […]

28 till 28 June 2015


Yeb Wiersma, Miek Zwamborn

WALK II: No Solid Ground.. Am I the walker, the path and the landscape combined? Infected by their fascination for walking Miek Zwamborn (author and poet) and Yeb Wiersma (visual artist) roam along the coastal salt marshes of Ferwert, Friesland. Along their way the guides will make various interventions by displaying and reading from their […]

15 May till 20 June 2015


Sjoerd Westbroek, Frans-Willem Korsten, Edward Clydesdale Thomson

Old Man [the sun] showed them the roots and the berries, and showed how to gather these, and certain times of the year they should peel the bark of some trees and eat it… (Grinell, G.B. 1913. Blackfeet Indian stories. C. Scribner’s Sons, New York.)  For centuries, the inner bark of pine trees was an […]

26 March till 7 May 2015

There’s more place for pathos in literature

Interview by Marian Cousijn

4th May 2015, a sunny spring day. The Netherlands commemorates the Second World War, and in Kunsthuis SYB Pieter Paul Pothoven presents the budding start to the ‘lengthy writing project’ – he refrains from calling it a novel – that he’s been working on these last few weeks. Bathing in the last rays of sunshine […]